Integrate BTC payments into your business

Would you like to receive Bitcoin payments to your online or physical store?

We offer a fully self-custodial Bitcoin and Lightning payments solution for your business. Start accepting Bitcoin payments in no time, directly to your own wallet with no 3rd party reliance. 

Each transaction is logged in a simple to use reporting framework, so that you can recon each Bitcoin payment and manage your bookkeeping hassle-free.

This integration works seamlessly with your eCommerce or physical store and offers you the ability to invoice your customers at the current Rand value of Bitcoin, allowing you to maintain Rand pricing for your goods and services, while receiving payment in Bitcoin.  

This product includes a hands-on consultation too:

- Integrate Bitcoin & Lightning payments into your store to allow your customers to make easy Bitcoin payments. 

- Connect your existing Bitcoin and Lightning wallets to your Bitcoin payments processor so that you do not rely on any 3rd party to custody your Bitcoin for you.

- A Perspex table talker that says "Bitcoin accepted here"

- Your own portal to monitor your sales, pull reports, track payments and setup notifications.

- Ongoing customer support

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