Shipping Policy

You can expect your package to arrive within 14 working days from the date of order (providing we have stock).

Orders are fulfilled on weekdays between 0800 and 1800.

Order are fulfilled within 2 working days of the order being paid for. 

Courier service:

We make use of Pargo for our shipping and delivery services. 

This is a service which delivers packages to commercial retail stores. In order to receive a package, please nominate which store you would like to have your parcel shipped too. 

Please refer to Pargo Terms and Conditions for more detail. Bitcoin Only applies the terms and conditions stipulated by Pargo for all of our parcels shipped. 

When a Parcel is available for collection, the customer will receive notification via email and/or SMS. The notification will contain a unique Pargo code that must be produced, along with the Client’s customer’s identity document or driver’s license, upon collection.
The customer may arrange for a third party to collect a Parcel on their behalf, in which event such third party must still produce the unique Pargo code and the requisite identity documentation (or copy thereof) of the recipient to whom the Parcel is addressed.
Should the customer (or third party nominee) fail to produce the requisite identity documentation or Pargo code, Pargo may refuse the collection, and such refusal will be deemed to be a failure to collect. Parcels may be released without the requisite identity documentation at Pargo’s discretion
If a Parcel is not collected by the customer within 8 days of the first delivery notification, Pargo may return the Parcel to the Client (Bitcoin Only) or destroy it. Collection periods may be extended with Pargo’s written consent. However, additional fees may apply.