Privacy Preserving Shipping

How to make a privacy maximised purchase:

We offer you the ability to preserve your privacy when purchasing anything through our store. This is because we believe that everyone has the right to privacy. 
1. Purchase using Bitcoin/Lightning.
This means that no personal information is recorded either by Bitcoin Only or the payment processor (we use BTCpay Server). If you pay via EFT, your bank will record some of your personal details and store them on their servers. While this is not a major privacy leak, it can be removed all together by paying with Bitcoin or Lightning.
2. Enter only your suburb or town name in the address field when entering your shipping details. There is no need to enter your home address! This means that should we ever get hacked, there is no record of your home address in our database. We would prefer to never have this type of information on our database in the first place.
3. Select your Pargo pick-up point after paying for your items.
Your purchase will be shipped to this retail store and you will be emailed/sms'd with the next steps for collection. 
4. Collect your items. Just bring your unique Pargo code that was emailed/sms'd to you for the parcel, as well as your ID.

Why Privacy Preserving shipping?

One of the greatest threat to Bitcoiners are $5 wrench attacks, that being a physical attack on your person with the aim of coercing your Bitcoin out of you.

If you think this sounds paranoid, think again. Hardware manufacturer Ledger had their customer database hacked which contained shipping addresses of most of their customers. This led to many of their former customers being targeted by criminals.

Your address can be used to plan an attack like this, and as such, we offer our customers a private shipping option that does not deliver your home, but rather to a convenient retail store near you, where you can collect your package at your leisure. 

How does Pargo shipping work: 

There are over 2500 Pargo collection points located all over South Africa, in even the smallest of towns. We ship your products to the Pargo pick-up point that you nominate. You just need to collect your package at your earliest convenience. 

Find your nearest Pargo pick-up point here

pargo pick-up points in South Africa