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Seed Backup Kit - Starter - hardware wallet backup

Seed Backup Kit - Starter - hardware wallet backup

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Your Bitcoin is represented by your 12 seed words, and most people simply write these down and store them some where safe. However, backing up your seed words on paper is a risky way to secure your Bitcoin, rather etch it on to steel, where they are resistant to fire, water and time. 

The Seed Backup Starter Kit is a simple, reliable and durable way to backup your seed words in the privacy of your own home, for those users who are looking to create multiple sets of backups for their hardware wallet and seed words.

This kit lets you create inexpensive and durable backups on steel washers, which can be safely stored for generations to come. It is perfect for somebody who is looking to create a backup for a multiple sets of seed words. 

To create additional backups, simply purchase additional rolls of pre-numbered washers (available in store).

Use our free guide if you are unsure of how to create seed backups using this kit. 

This kit contains:

1x Blockmit Jig

1x Pre-numbered Steel Washer set (13 washers)

1x Letter Punch (A - Z)

1x Plastic Case


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